Mall Alone

What would you do, if you’re trapped in a mall, ALONE?


I would definitely do :

1. Nyobain wedding gown (hahaha, call me pathetic!)

2. Take all the dress inside the store, FOR FREE. (ok, ini cuma ngayal ya bo, kali gitu definisi FREE SHOPPING SPREE bener-bener ada, hehe)

3. Tentunya mampir ke Supermarket di mall buat ngambil coklat-coklat yang akyu suka, hihi.

4. Jalan-jalan keliling Mall, naked. HAHAHAHA. (mulai gak waras)

5. Last, ambil pilok, trus tulis “ANTI WAS HERE” di tembok. ;D (norak bgt ya!)


Hmm..apalagi ya? mikirin hal-hal yang diatas aja udah fun (walaupun NORAK,hakhak). Seru kali doing something different, yang lo pikir lo gak akan mungkin ngelakuin itu. Hey, you only lived once kan, better enjoy it, hehe.


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