Official Break Up. No more Make Up.

Relationshit updates :

Eh sumpah ye gue diputusin..hehe.. sutralah..if he comes back to me, DERITA LOOO KALIIIII… (iye emang gue kesel sama lo….tapi kangen……ungh *apa sih* )

Anyyywayyy, capek ga sih gue ceritanya derrrryyyylll mulu… tapi terima aje deh emang lagi hot sih ceritanya..hehe..

So, Here I Pronounce,


ehm, ada satu lelaki baik hati yang selalu dateng everytime i need someone.. (fyi, what is it called? sore gue baru ngeliat dia dan ngebatin pengen sms buat cerita, eh dia malemnya nelp gue sebelum gue sempet sms..dan fyi juga, udah lama banget gak berhubungan sama sekali sama pria ini…oh what the hell..)

I’m tryin so very hard to forget him.. I’m building my own wall to prevent his attacks. I kinda hope the wall is strong enough to protect me.. aku lelah sakit hati.. i wanna be in love.. RE-IN-LOVE!!!!!!! (Try to do it when your beloved ex’s mum called you!!!!!arghhh…!! it’s just gettin harder for me to move on tanteeeee…….hikshikshikshikshikhs….i love his mum…)

But despite all of the above things, i’m dating someone (it’s not actually a date though, just 2 old friend catchin up each other in a romantic place..hehe), it’s him, who breezed in couple days ago, this weekend…

such an irony.

It should be our anniversary, but i date (okay, i have got to stop to call it a date..) another man instead…

…this killing me.. :(


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