This thing, what’s goin on with me and him is merely a flirtationship.

Here’s the thing,

He likes to play around with me but i knew he just don’t wanna look that needy, i knew him..


I’m not ready to start fresh, start over..nope, not yet..

So, i’ll let this filrtationship go as it is right now, and we’ll see what will happen next..

Gue, lebih menyukai hubungan yang berjalan apa adanya, tanpa ada statuspun gak masalah buat gue. Cos i believe, if two people wants to be together, they’ll just be.. Bukan status gak penting, tp for me, it feels more…i don’t know..comforting maybe? I think i have a problem with commitment.. I don’t like to be caged, i tend to break the rules if there are any.. So, i think i need to be tamed..hahahaha.. emangnye gue macan di jinakkin..


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