Wednesday, 13th Day of August

Went to Senayan City, bought a zara shoe for him. Naa, not my money, honey.

When i arrived –alone– i saw a bunch of g a uys, the first one, pretty, wore a colorful t-shirt, skinny pants and colorful scarf (OMG), and the other one wore a black hat, black zara hoodie (yea, while i saw one on the display!), but i forgot the rest.

They swarmed around from one corner to the other. Ey, it’s nothing wrong with them, really, but i can’t stand the swarming and bitchin thing. I mean, i have a decision to make, i was thinkin, which one should i bought (lo pikir ga pake tenaga dan pikiran buat memutuskan mana yang harus dibeli!??)!

But that bunch of teen guys scattered me! They bitch about their friends and I can hear who they were talkin about. My god, can you g a uys please do it outside the store?! I was really gonna kick them out if there wasn’t a cute guy lookin for a jacket near me (heyloooo, handsooome, hihi).

Hmm, yea, well, so there it is, his shoe near my bed, waiting to be wear on Friday by him.

Aight then, i’m gonna finish my carrot juice and go to bed. I can hear my bones are cracking when i move.



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