Friday, 15th day of August

I met him.

I can’t stop smiling.

The laughter, will be my lullaby.

The kiss on my forehead? I take that as a goodnight kiss.

He’ll hurt me. I know.

But let’s act like he won’t.

No need to worry til you have to worry.

Okay. I’m bright and shiny.



5 thoughts on “Friday, 15th day of August

  1. Inspirasi5jari : yess mas gal, yang diomonginpun udah muncul, dan kayaknya sih dia ngerti maksud gue..hahaha..tapi entahlah, itu ‘asyiik’ maksudnya refer kemana! haha..odong..

    oomkokopersahabatan : Halow, selamat datang..makasih udah mampir dan baca-baca..hihi..dahsyat ancurnya ya?haha

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