The Stories Behind “Pada Akhirnya..”

I believe, each of you have gone thru the hardest time of life. Walaupun sepertinya postingan gue sebelumnya refer ke man-woman relationship, but if you put it generally, you can see all your troubles will fade away somehow. You just need to be grateful of what you have right now.

Say, you’re having an exam tomorrow, and you cost your sleeping time just to face piles of books you need to study. When you think of it in general days, it is suck. It is. But when you’re aiming for something and you put anything else in risk (your health in this case), the next day you do your exam, you’ll find that it’s all worth it. Tho the score isn’t satisfying. Ah, you know what i mean.

Process. It’s the essence.

A friend emailed me, she said, everything is gray now, i hardly see the light.

I replied,

Seize the day Honey! Be grateful for every thing happened in your life no matter how unfair it is to you. Once you’re grateful enough, the lights you wish to see will finally showed up.”

Ouh, can’t wait to see Opique, Galih and Buluk to discuss all these crap.

Ps. Gal, mental breakdown lagi nih kayaknya..huekhuke..buru pulang bok, butuh asupan..huekhukek..janji gak akan aktualisasi diri.. ;p


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