Thought I cud use my freetime to continue my undone works at the office. Since my boss’ last email was “Terimakasih Anti, setelah lebaran kita ngebut lagi ya”. It really broke my mood for the upcoming holiday. Not to mention i’ll have the midterm test a week after the lebaran holiday..

It’s already monday, 1.10 am. Havent got enough good mood to open my “Indosat plis dong ah” folder.. *sighs*.. There are homeworks to be done..and presentation to be prepared. Yea huh..need to boost my mood for that..

You know what i like the most at times like this?

hang out. spend hours at the coffee shop like fanny, vonny and I did last Friday.

Um..and you know what else i like?

meet him. go to see a movie (he asked me to watch a movie tomorrow tho..hihi, cant wait).

Oh yeaw. I got somethin to tell you. If, you guys, happened to meet me for the first time in your life, please, please don’t ever think that i’m flirting with you just because I laid my eyes on yours. You see, it happened to me like a lot. Not just the young guys, but it was old man for god’s sake. Yea, it happened on last Friday, when fanny, vonny and I were planning to go to FX but we ended up at Pisa Menteng instead because of the awfull traffic jam. In front of me, there was an old man sitting alone. I, unconsciously, i repeat, unconsciously looked at him, in the eye..his eyes met mine, but i didn’t aware, cos i wasn’t intend to look at his eyes, his face or whatever, i was just happened to laid my eyes at his direction.

But you know what, a waiter came to us and said

“Permisi Mba, ada pesen dari table 35, dia nawarin mau bayarin bill table mbak,” the three of us remain silent.

“Oh iya, satu lagi, katanya ‘your eyes are beautiful’,” the waiter said as he looked at my eyes.

with a direct response, i nod to the waiter, told him to say the man thank you but we’re okay.

I couldn’t stop euuuuuing that night. But the thing is, why, why is this always happened to me, even if i didn’t not intend to flirt or make any moves with my eyes. Is it because I perforate a lot? Well, it’s just the  thing i do under my consciousness.

Oh yeaw, forgot to mention, the old man was an Indonesian Legislative Assembly member. Eww with me, anyone?

Ckckck.. wajar lah klo wakil-wakil kita –rakyat– di DPR / MPR sana sering banget ditemuin foto-foto atau video-video yang bener-bener gak bermoral dan nurunin derajat mereka banget, orang kerjaannya aja main ke kafe anak muda, telling girls like me that we have bautiful eyes, gambled if i ate the bait he could had a fun or two with me..instead of stayed at home, ngajarin anaknya ngaji atau nemenin ngerjain tugas..! Bobrok banget sih kelakukan bapak-bapak itu. Tapi yang bikin heran, dia dengan bangganya bilang klo dia anggota DPR ke waiter itu! Oh dear God!! They’re such a bloodsucking perv!! Tau gak apa yang seharusnya kita perbuat sekarang? bikin mereka (yang bertingkah laku gak ubahnya kaya hewan) jadi kambing guling. Take them out! At least give them a moral edu. Let’s do something for our country…i wish i can do something instead of writing about their badness..hmm..


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