Dear Love,

What insanity brought us here?

What pill we took last nite?

How many bottle of wine we drank last nite?

Did i woke up in another dimension where burdens are lightened and troubles fade away ?

Did you fell off a high cliff and lost your consciousness?

Do you remember what happened at the basketball field, where your eyes met mine and we couldn’t take our eyes off of each other since then?

Did you notice as i noticed, when we collide, i feel like i live in a world’s most beautiful kaleidoscope?

You seek the best in me, as i try to contemplate what will you do without me..

You calm my inner fear, while i infuriated you..

You washed my anger away, with only one word.

You’ve known me for good, as well as i know you for who you were, are, and who you wanted to be in years from now..

But, at the end of the day..

Questions appear in my head..

Why in the world we do this? Why are we still friend? Why do you think we can’t be like anybody would be if we were them? Why we keep loving each other when we know we have nothing but ‘now’?

There is one thing for sure, i don’t need anything anymore for now..but i don’t know how long will it last..

-Jumat, 31 Oktober 2008, 12.15 pm..cuma gue yang ngarti kayenye..namanya juga ‘online journal’..maap2 kalo isinya curhat semua..haha-


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