Message from the rain..

I kiss the morning rain,

when everything is down the drain..

I stood and wait outside,

for you to be by my side..

I know i have been such a pain in your ass,

but you know, a chance to be with you, i won’t pass..

I’m sorry,

my feelings? you don’t have to worry..

Cos I’m a lady,

For whatever comes our way I’m ready,

because, I’m your baby..

..after all..

I’m your baby


Friday, 11.24 pm.

Soundtrack : Kiss The Rain- Yiruma.


4 thoughts on “Message from the rain..

  1. manissssssssssss amat lo.
    ko gue ga pernah dibikinin pusis kaya gini sih??
    bagus pusisnya, aku kasih nilai 8,99!!!
    dibikin jd lagu aja..
    poni yang arransemen nanti.. (tulisan nya bener arransemen ga siiiiiiiiiy?)

  2. Stevany : hmm…..maaciiiiihhhhh…this is my first nihhh…tapi gak mau si bebe baca…maluuuu..iyah mba poni yang aransemen iya, buat apa kita punya composer?Mas Kobo..huhuhu

  3. Dey : ya ampuun..yang manaa? masa sih? dr shepherd bisa puitis mba?? ah..aku bikin disclaimer ah disini..hahkhaka (macem maestro aje guee)

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