inhumanly beautiful

It’s raining most of the time on December here, in Jakarta. Rain is lovely. I think rain will fall again on new year’s eve just like last year.

I love rainy season so much. The black cloud that sorrounded the city, and the lightning. When i step out of the office and feel the droplet falls through my hair and touches my skin, i smiled. Humid and cold. The sadness merge with the rain for a moment but then it washed by each drop of the rain.

Can you feel what i feel? or it’s just me and my-lebayness? hekhekeh

But it’s true.. it’s like a healing process to me, i struggle hard but it’s easier to let everything go, the hardness, the’s easier for i feel everyone is having the same comment on the weather cheerlessly, the more i love the rain..hekhkehe..

oh yea, not to mention the beautiful rainbow and the sparkling sky after the rain..

it’s what i called, inhumanly beautiful.. :)


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