new year’s eve enormous plan

Yay, I got myself this book :


A wee bit late i know, but better late than never, right? :D

Actually I already had the softcopy, but by reading it, i feel like a biggest looser of the year, again, it’s a piracy! finally, i took order from kutukutubuku and i wish it will be arrived soon as in TODAY.

Aight, so, new year is tomorrow. If you ask me what will I do tonight?


Partying? It’ll cost me double to pay the FDC (it’s new year’s eve for god’s sake!) and I don’t think I still have the move..(gyahaha).

Bbqing? Yea, that’d be fun!! Sure, if you have tons of friends! But tonight, it’s just me, and my sister, at home. Laugh on us..!

Ah, ah!! I know!! I know!!

Okay, I’m just gonna thank Allah for everything I have and I had..It’s been such a tremendous year, and I can’t wait to walk on the surface of 2009..

….okay, enough of that….then i’ll lead myself to bed…



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