Meet my gorgeous gorgeous friends :


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@ Loca!, Kemang Selatan, arisan perdana.

They’re my besties since I was in HighSchool. Dari punya cita-cita sama, got married in a cruise, all of us (siillllly, haha) sampe sadar kalo kite agak-agak berlebihan ngayalnya ya dulu? haha. We went to different colleges, you never know what you got until they are apart from you. the magna cum laude, lawyer, copywriter, dokter gigi, pakar bahasa Prancis sampe Rusia? adaaaaaaa! heheheyyy. Lucky to have them, really. :)

does anyone ever heard of Galz? haha. Yeah, that’s us, BACK THEN. ;) still tho, but less less less less genggong. hahaha.

i’ve been in a couple of group recently. first the highschool friends group, the galz group, the gebg ss group, the marince group, the feui group, the comby group. It’s not actually a group tho, but you know, being in a circle of friends with different backgrounds, different personalities, different thoughts.

They enrich me.

aight, now i’m off to the bathroom and maybe make myself a delicate hot tea when i finish my shower, then go to bed afterwards, so, have a good night sleep all ;)

current mood : feeling blessed.positive.tired.sleepless.happy.

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