Dawn at the station


The train should have arrived by now.
She talked under her breath.

She stood alone at the platform of Glasgow Central Train Station. The dark cloud surrounded the station, it was very cold that she tightened her long coat, a serene morning she shivered.

I have to leave. I’m leaving you now. She murmured bitterly as she stared at the never ending railway. Tried so hard to hold up her tears and distract her mind from what she saw last night. The face of the girl whose hand he held is hardly forget. Now that she knew everything, she just can’t bear the pain.

The train has come. Tears fell down her face,  never believed she should leave everything like this. She grabbed her luggage and slowly entered the train.

But she never know, there is a man, with a pale face, looked very sad as if he’s dying, an idiot he told himself, drove his way to the station to take her back home and promise her to never ever make her sad again.

…dramaaa…dramaaaaa..hehe..mari belajar jadi Raam Punjabi..

Inspired by chatting sama Pani and Lara Fabian (Broken Vow)

Picture from the oyster mileage


2 thoughts on “Dawn at the station

  1. ini cuma cuplikan doaaang..denger lagunya dulu dooong..huhuhu… ini di tengah2 ceritanya.. awalnya gak ada, akhirnya juga gak ada.. cuma pengen nyeritain pas saat itu doang.. sebelum dan sesudahnya gak ada clue! huhuhuhu..

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