You are a mystery to me

It was 4.15 am. But I couldn’t sleep at all. So there I was, in front of my laptop, having this kinda routine mid-night chatting with him.

“Marriage…Aren’t you scared?” I asked him carefully.

“Marriage? No. Leaving her? Yes,” He replied.

“What do you mean?” I did not understand.

“I’m sick Nti, when my liver attacks, i feel like im gonna die,” he answered.

“Oh, ok, is it that bad? Your liver? That bad?” shocked am I.

“Hospitalized couples of times, yeah, pretty bad” he responded.

“I’m scared to leave my wife alone,”

I keep silent, and did not continue on the subject.

That was the most beautiful words (and saddest one and the most stupid thing) I heard that day.

He did not afraid of marriage and death. But He was afraid of leaving his future wife instead? Oh deary, you’re such a mystery to me.


4 thoughts on “You are a mystery to me

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