The absence of the light


Last night, I recalled every words you spoke to me.

My eyes were closed.

In a lightlessness, I could see you watching me from the corner of my eye and I could barely smell your scent..

your soft whispers I heard from the dark cloud beneath the absolute darkness..

Even in the dark, I felt so secure…

Until I slowly open up my eyes..

It feels like hundreds of venom rushed into my bloodstream straight to my vitals that could kill me in a blink of an eye.

Any antitoxins wont do any good. Don’t even bother to try.

I should’ve let my eyes shut.

I should’ve let the darkness took away the light.

It’s better than the venom, at least.

I shouldn’t let myself drowned. Anything. Any other thing, is better than the venom.

And last night, your words..was nothing but a conspiracy theory to me.

Blah. Liar.


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