my tuxedo mask

Would it be nice..
to have someone who will laugh at your stupid jokes..?
to have someone who’ll touch your hair and looked you in the eye when you talk, and I’m sure he’s not listening to any words you said?
to have someone whom voices will calm you down in any bad circumstances you had that day?
to have someone..who keeps talking and talking and talking and talking on the phone, but you can’t never ever get bored listening it tho you can’t hardly keeps your eyes openned?
to have someone..who’ll just simply smiled at you for no reason? have your own Tuxedo Mask a.k.a Mamoru Chiba of  Sailor Moon..bcs hey, I thought he only lives in my imaginary world..but he exist..eventually..and for now, I just want to keep it steady with him, I know his ex-girlfriend is something, she will keep shadowing me..and I just need to keep my self together, and fight for us..that’s what I can do, for now..

Oh please, 3 long and tiring drafted post, and I came with this ‘would it be nice’ post instead?! it must bugging me like a lot.. *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

It surely is bugging me a lot! He supposedly, married to his ex no longer than next year! But fate twisted us, he broke up with her and he ended up having this relationship with me!

It is bugging me a lot..! I don’t want to have to be happy with his decision if he chose her rather than me! Bcs she came back…unreasonably insensitive.. It haunts me….

I’m sorry, this is just another post of my private life.. I’m sorry, it’s not even worth reading.. *sigh*

[just changed my title for this post, from “my cro-magnon” man, to my tuxedo mask.. i was very mean to call him cro-magnon.. xp so i changed it.. much better than a cro-magnon..hehehe]


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