Mission Failed

Old necklace, repackage.

Me myself, not satisfied with the result.

I was lacked of materials.

So, here goes, you just need :

1. Rope

2. Glue (I shouldve used Glue Gun, but yeaaa, I don’t have any), in this case, I used Fox Glue

3. Beads or any other materials you’d like to be attached to your old but new necklace

4. Rarely worn necklace

5. Some creativity or ngasality (hehehe)

this is the old one look like..

and….please welcome, hasil kalung yang sudah di surgery! Maap kalo gatot..hehe

well actually you can change the chain with a red ribbon or black ribbon, but i can’t find it anywhere in my room. So i left the chain as it is.

Oh, seharusnya yang ada dibayangan gue, ini bukan pake beads, tapi pake kain tebel (bukan flanel) gue ga tau apa nama kainnya, and after the fabric is attached to the rope-covered ring, I can spray some ‘frozen color’ to it. So they will have the same color but at least it wont look this CHILDISH.

Oh Gosh. Disaster.


1st February Mission report : FAILED.

Alright, gona make something a little less disasterous next time.


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