No Doubt

I met a girl from Manila today. She spoke randomly to the store keeper while I was trying to choose between the red, aqua or black cardigan. She was waiting for her sister who went to the nearest atm machine.

I greeted her warmly, asked her what she was goin to say to the store keeper. Yes, I did this because I couldn’t stand not to giggle watchin her trying her best to ask how much the black legging was.

The Filipinos repeatedly and rapidly increasing her voice as she goes “How much is this??”

The Indonesian answered, “Yes, yes, itu bahannya stret,” showing her teeth to The Manilan.

Now you know why I couldnt helped it.

So, her name is Angelica. She was on a business trip, she’s like the ambassador of what-consultant. She teaches about life and -i don’t know- some kind of a consultant to make someone’s life better. I don’t know, really, I didn’t pay that much attention when she talked about her business here, hehe.

When we were about to say goodbye, she took her diary, noted down my email and our ‘anniversary’ date. While she was writing her thing, out of the blue, she told me;

“Anti, you’re doin great. If you’re sure you’re doin the right thing, don’t doubt it. Let go off your fear. We met here, is not a coincidence. Everything’s happened for a reason. And here, my friend, you taught me how to say ‘berapa’ ‘duduk’ ‘tolong’ and ‘silakan’, and I wish you will figure out the reason why God send me to you today. So, it’s very nice to see you, I hope to see you again someday, ok?!”

She shook my hand and gave me her business card and left.

..wait wait, what did she just say?!?! hahahaha..

very true indeed.. Yes Angel, God sent you to me to tell me the exact words you just said to me. Thank you.. :)

She reminds me of Mr. Carlito, dosen gue di tarki. Sama ramahnya, sama bawelnya, sama baiknya. :) and the best part is, each of them taught me something precious. :)


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