The Silent Fight

How can you fix something that you don’t know the reason why it’s broken? It’s like crawling in the dark, or searching for pretzels, blindfolded. You can only smell the pretzel without ever knowing where it’s located exactly. Or it feels like you’re standing at the borderline between the land and the sea where you can smell the scent of something humid, wet and cold, you know it’s out there, still and huge but once again, you can only feel it.

What will  you do, if you’re in between of two person, who had known each other for so long that they could’ve wrote a serial book telling their own stories, got in a silent fight for almost three month. Not talking to each other, inexplainable reasons.

What should I do to make things better for them? :'( They’re bestfriend for life for God’s sake! :'( He was there when the world hate him, just to make him feel that it wasn’t that bad, because he was there, and that was enough for him. Tapi sekarang mereka seperti gak kenal satu sama makes me sad..

Kenapa pertemanan laki-laki itu susah dimengerti ya? *sigh*


2 thoughts on “The Silent Fight

  1. loh, masih belom baikan?? aneh ih…. udah suru tanya aja “yang, kamu kok aneh sih, kenapa sih? aku ada salahs ama kamu ya? maap yaa”

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