This is the truth

I spend 1 hour to get myself ready for work.

45 mnts to get to my office.

30 minutes browsing or just to get my slow pc starting up before doing my job or waiting for my office colleagues to come.

3 hours of working, 1 hour spent to do the non-office tasks.

1 hour lunch plus 30 mnts to do zuhur prayer.

3 hours working.

another 15 mnts, ashar prayer.

another 2 hours and 15 minutes working.

30 mnts all the way down from my office to my uni.

2 hours sitting in my class room (15 minutes or more not paying attention to the lecturer).

and it took me one hour to go home.

one hour showering.

one hour reading moduls or Donald Duck magz (haha yes i  still read Donald!!).

one hour trying to have my good sleep, which i apparently never had it.

Sooooo…that’s a total of 18.75 hours..

and I it left me 5.25 hours of sleeping.

Don’t let me start on my expenses. I make less than Rp. 10.000,- a day (netto, rough math, minus all my expenses), but i don’t know how much calories I gain, how many useless thoughts I thought, how many steps I make from my bed and finally to my bed at the end of the day, and how I rarely speaks to my relatives (families and friends) in daily basis, and even rarer time to spend treating my body right.

At the end of the day. Thoughts flew.



Who to blame? Ministers? Politicians? Governments? The One Who INVENTED MONEY?

I already swam into the mainstream and got myself lost in it.

And I absurdly want to make my own little primitive country where people just need to farm, grow fruits and trade them to live a happy life. hehe.. random..

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