Bad girl.

Now I’m goin to talk about how a good girl turns into a bad one. With whom she befriended is a major factor at this point. Wrecked family is next.

But you know what, I think those reasons are just a diversion of the very true reason she turns into a bad one; herself. She’s the one who wants to be bad, though I’m sure inside her heart, she never wanted it that way.

Lets make it clear, ‘bad’ in my term is the one who went to club too often, hooked up with random guys, made out with whoever she wants, consumed alcoholic drinks or any ‘medicines’, you know. Well, I didn’t say that they who went to club and drinks are bad girl.

Yeah. I know some girls. As for me, well, you can say that, I’m the one who’s in between. Noooo, I never went to club again since a year ago and I guess I’ll never enter any club again for the rest of my life, well, maybe someday when I drag my child out of it, heheh.. (Momi knows better child, trust me, you don’t want to end up at club’s toilet and vomit all over the place–and think that you’d rather be dead at that time–aren’t you? So trust me, dear child). Why in between? because I KNOW bad stuff and good stuff (pay attention to the word ‘know’). You see, this is the difference, yang gak tau seperti apa kehidupan ‘hitam’, pasti punya stereotype kalo mereka  yang ada dalam dunia itu gak deserve sesuatu yang baik, as for me, justru merekalah yang paling membutuhkan sesuatu yang baik, yang bisa membuat mereka jadi lebih baik, tentunya.

Misalnya, seorang teman pernah bilang sama gue, “Gue sangat gak setuju kalo cowo baik-baik pacaran dengan cewe ‘bandel’, karena mereka gak berhak mendapatkan seseorang yang baik, harusnya mereka dipasangkan sama yang bandel-bandel aja sekalian,”

Ini nyentil gue banget. What about my friends? My good friends? Mereka orang-orang baik yang KEBETULAN keseret ke pergaulan yang gak bener. Mereka butuh ‘penyelamat’, bukan malah dijudge seperti itu. Personally mereka sama kaya temen gue yang ngomong kaya tadi itu, bedanya, bad girls walked thru hell, some survived, tobat dan malah jadi lebih baik dari yang baik-baik, got what I mean? Yeah, karena mereka udah nyicip nerakanya dunia, well, mungkin lebih tepat ‘neraka yang berwujud seperti surga didunia’.

Jadi, don’t judge them wrongly, cos personally mereka punya hati yang sama, bahkan lebih kuat. Let’s just pray that someday mereka mau berubah jadi lebih baik..

So, what I’m tryin to say is….in the end, the good and the bad, the black and the white, akan jadi abu-abu..karena yang melakukan penilaian bukan kita, cuma Allah SWT yang, jalanin aja sebaik-baiknya, jgn ekstrim karena ini bukan pelajaran matematika yang mutlak hasilnya, everything counts.

That’s me sayin..


6 thoughts on “Greyish

  1. So., who is your friends that you have meant a bad girl?
    haloo nti,.
    i usually read your blog once time a week,. n hope will get some news from both u n other friends,….
    send my big hug to all friends.., success bro..

    • Hei Le, it’s very nice to see you here :)
      Hey, that’s a good idea, i’ll update stories about us here, but please do notice that we rarely got the chance to gather together like the old times :)
      Anyways, I’ll send your hug (won’t literally hug ’em tho, hehehe)

      oh, yeah, talkin about who the bad girl is…well…come one, you know..huhuhu ;)

  2. Yeah… that’s true,, we are TOTALLY CAN NOT Judge a person from the outside, from the cover only.

    Poor them being a small-even-tiny-minded like that.

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