Oh Scrap!

I made something for my cousin, Evelyn. She was having her 27th birthday. She already has everything, i mean, literally. Hence, instead of buying her stuffs, I scrapped her something. Here’s what I made (it’s my first shot of making these, so cut me some slack, ok?).

Three hours later..

VOILA! Let me introduce you, the one and only, my masterpiece of the daaaaaay….!!

Yaaaayyyy, isn’t she cute??? :D

But her son (Isa) is cuter than her (haha), her son is my very first nephew, he called me Tata (well, he can’t speak yet, but you have to learn from ZERO to master it, no?hehe). Hmmm…owwwkay, I’ll let you guys peek him a little..

Isn’t he adorable? :D

Pssst, my sister is pregnant now, I can’t wait to hold her baby next year!!

Anyway, if things run smooth, NEXT YEAR IS GONNA A BLAST!! *berdoa* *happiest smile*


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