Talking about personality?

Having you is like having Meredith Grey (of Grey’s Anatomy), Reuben Rabbit Palchuk (of Trauma),  and Dominic Toretto (of Too Fast Too Furious) in one package.

Grey for his  dark and twisted mind. He’s seen worse, he’s survived worse. And he knows we’ll survive too. For me, his dark and twisty mind is not a flaw, it’s a strength, it makes him who he is. :) ~Derek.

Rabbit for he is somewhere between genius and madness. He makes impossible things possible in his own crazy way, on the other hand, try sitting on the co-driver seat while he’s driving and you’ll know what i mean ;)

Dominic Toretto for his gentle, sweet and caring personality towards his closest people. He’s actually is a sweetheart and shown it in his own way.

It’s not that I’m too in love with him or anything, it’s just know, sometimes when you’re vulnerable, you can be very sensitive. Mostly you think about negative thoughts, but this time, i became so romantic about him and…oh my God I’m so lame. x)


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