Thank You!

I love my life; the past, the current. I’m so glad I went through some bad phases in my life and I’m grateful for the day I chose the best option, it’s not always the good one, but it’s the best. Ain’t life is a perfect teacher to learn from? :)

So, thank you me. Thank you for takin good care of yourself, you’re doin great!

“Thank you, me,”


Age, Maturity and Wisdom

Anti : Yesterday I justify that age definitely has nothing to with maturity, how you act and response towards something does.

A friend : Then maturity can never be one’s attribute, as anybody would react differently based on his/her mood swing at each given time.

Anti : Maturity has a strong correlation to someone’s wisdom and how they act without involving their own emotion indicates it.

A friend : Well said. I fully agree. But riddle this; a wisdom a measurement, or a point of view? can man of wisdom still have passion?

Anti : Measurement. Wise people have certain criteria, that, I don’t fully aware of, but I’m sure there must be some studies about it.. and passion? Sure, they have it on holidays (oh come on, wise men doesn’t need to be wise all the time) hehe

Anti : Point is, I can’t answer your question, haha *nyerah*

Can anybody help me? I can’t answer his question yet. Questions like this buggin me ay lot, you know.

Giving birth to Bubu

“Hi fellas! Me name is Bubu. Bubu is a cwappy monnnsterrr. Anti drew me on her laptop. Bubu is happy. I wish Anti can draw more of me.”

“Gimme yer chocolate or I will biiiite yyyyoouuuu!!!”

Anti : Bubu! Shut up! You talk to much! Yea yea alright, just let me buy some tools first, ok.

“Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrryy or Bubu will eaaaat you”

Anti : Oh SHUT UP!