Pictures From Far Away

Bengkulu, he’s in love :)

Location : Pantai Panjang, Bengkulu.

Him: I’m writing your name on the sand.


Him: I have 3 pics..this is the first one..

and…..a sunset :)

Fyi, he’s not a romantic person.  Seriously. He got me super confuse when I got these pics on my handphone. But, he pulled it off, I realllyy like it :)


Love you more mas.. Love you even more :)


New Day

Welcome to Agrikulture News, in our top story; The Government announces that the unemployment in Indonesia had reach more than 40% and interestingly almost all of the jobless are men. So in the fact the only people are working in this country are women.

Some say it’s my fault. Some say it’s yours (yeah I think it is). You bitch bout the pain was hardcore, but please baby just let it go kid. Your whiny day is done, get off your ass. Another day is gone..

Today’s a different day, today’s a new day..

So I broke your heart. Sorry to say you ain’t the only one. If you want a squeeky queen lady, round here you ain’t gettin lucky.

Today’s a different day, today’s a new day..

~New Day, Agrikulture~

Lookin for the lyrics all over the internet and I came out with nothing, so I tried to write down the lyrics myself, I wish I didn’t ruin the lyrics with wrong words.

I like the song as much as I like the lyrics, inspirational and witty.