“What if”

What if I didn’t wait for you? Would I be feeling this much of happiness?

What if I didn’t fight for you and trust my instinct?

I could have just left you in your miserable life. I could told that your life was miserable. I clearly was not a fan of your love life stories, you might know that. But I was the one who put so much faith in you, and still. I barely know you, but I dared myself to– for once in my life, fought for what I believed in.

What if you married her and left me here, haunted with the biggest and scariest sad question for the rest of my life…..”What if?”

I will never knew.

I will never knew.

Whaf if I never said that I won’t ever give up on you that night?


But now, I’m so glad that I’m living my life to its fullest..because I did..

I did and you asked me to marry you…

I did and now we have so much time to build our life together..

A new life…new adventure..

and all I can do now is just pray to Allah for everything, because plans are ours to make but destiny is not ours to know..



4 thoughts on ““What if”

  1. antiiiiiooonggg.. when when when? aaah me so excited… jangan2 deketan kita..
    Update ngapah.. hihihihihi *masak iihi akunyaa* :))
    Congraatss, ntiiii ^.^

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