It was 4 pm, I brewed one cup of coffee for myself and a cup of tea for My Mum then My Sister came along, brewed herself a glass of hot milk. We then sat by the dining table. Laughed on jokes about something that only adult understands (the joke was taboo a couple years ago, but now we can easily laugh it off and feels easy about it) . When My Sister left the table to feed her baby, I got involved in a discussion with My Mum.

Mum : There are two types of destiny. Definite and indefinite destiny. Definite destiny is God’s prerogative right –death, for instance. Meanwhile, Indefinite destiny is something that we choose how it ends-or starts.

Me : The law of attraction–positive thinking bring out positive result and vice versa– is the form of indefinite destiny, then.

Mum : God is the source of all good things. If something bad happened to you, do not think that it’s God’s destiny (if so, you’re blaming your God). It is you who need to make it right by raising your hands and ask for God’s guidance, and do everything in a right way so you can change your current condition.

Me : But how do you know what the right way is? I mean, after you ask and pray for God’s do you know how to do it right? Because absolute truth belongs to God, and what we think it’s true is not necessarily true according to God.

Mum : Put some effort to it, be sincere and do not deviate from your obligation to God. If the result is not like what you wanted, you must have done something that’s not right according to God and remember, what you think it is good for you, is not necessarily good according to God.

Me : So, by that, the law of attraction is not justified, Mam?

Mum : ….there’s still further discussion about that. Human’s will and God’s will, how it goes side by side.

Me : *nod* (i feel like I don’t have enough knowledge to continue the discussion).

Then I sipped my hot coffee and switched to a lighter conversation.


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