Marriage for dummies from dummier

The most irrelevant reason why people think they are ready to get married are :
– kan gue pacaran udah lama..
– umur gue 28, i think I’m ready..

Menurut gue, keputusan untuk nikah bukan dari variabel ‘berapa lama pacaran’ dan ‘umur’. But it’s so much more beyond that. SO MUCH MORE.

Marriage baru mulai setelah pulang dari honeymoon. Jangan sampe pikiran ‘i think I marry the wrong guy’ pop out.

Seriously, do not marry someone when you have a doubt in your heart. Focus on your soon to be couple, and (of course) yourself. And ask yourself, are you sure you’re ready? If your answer starts with ‘ummm’ then you might want to think about it a little more.

Just a simple thought.