The Truth Is..

I love working. The adrenaline. The tight deadline. The overachiever superintendents. The feeling. I love it.

Sadly, it doesn’t feel the same when I do chores at home, say, cooking?

Well, for me, cooking is kinda boring but I love to eat what everyone’s cooking and I like to see them cook. Lol. Lazy ass.

I guess some people just doesn’t born to cook, it always came all black if I cook, the taste just…ummm..not worth it. Yeah.. I need to learn, I know.. My hubby told me to. He indirectly told me to *expand* my self in *house-chores* department so I can be a better wife-mom-woman, whatever. He is exaggerating, actually. He is.

Do you think he’s right? :P


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